Becoming a Michigan Medical Cannabis Patient


Receive a Doctor's Recommendation

The first step to becoming a registered medical cannabis patient in the state of Michigan is to obtain a formal recommendation for the use of cannabis from a medical doctor or a doctor of osteopath licensed to practice in the state.

The doctor must sign a written statement concluding that in their professional opinion you're likely to benefit from the utilization of cannabinoid therapies to treat one or more qualifying medical conditions. 

This statement must be submitted with your application and fee to the Michigan Department of Community Health.


Complete the Patient Application


The next step is to complete the application for medical cannabis patient status in the state. You can download the form here

The application will ask you basic information about yourself and your medical history. 

The second page of the application will require that your physician choose either category A, B, or C accordingly with the qualifying conditions that you have been diagnosed with. 

Along with your application, you will need to also submit proof of MI residency. Once completed, this application needs to be submitted to the Michigan Dept. of Community Health along with the application fee and other supporting documents.


Pay the Application Fee

 The application fee can be paid via a check, or money order addressed to "State of Michigan – MMMP"

The application fee is $60. If you're an MI Medicaid patient, you can receive a reduced application fee of $25 when submitting proof of your patient status along with the other documentation.

The last step is to submit your completed application, the application fee, your written doctor recommendation, and any other required documentation via mail to the following address;

Michigan Medical Marihuana Program

P.O. Box 30083

Lansing, MI 48909 

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